Remnant: From the Ashes World Analyzer

How to use:
Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%/Remnant/Saved/SaveGames and locate the file named something like save_0.bak or save_0.sav. Upload to see what you rolled.

For Adventure Mode, make sure to use the right side filters to filter by the selected world. Worlds other than what you chose should be ignored as they are just past rolls for those worlds. There is currently no way to determine which world was chosen in adventure mode so the tool lists all of them.

Known Issues:
Adventure mode seems to not be working correctly, currently working on a fix.
Ad block can mess with the tool functionality.
You must use the red crystal to travel to the location before the world can be analyzed.

Credits to /u/FAOAB on reddit for this spreadsheet that helped me sort out some of the more confusing names.

Choose or drop file



Name filter:

Location Event Type Event Name