Remnant: From the Ashes World Analyzer

How to use:
Navigate to C:/Users/YOUR USER NAME/AppData/Local/Remant/Saved/SaveGames and locate the file named something like save_0.bak or save_0.sav. Upload to see what you rolled. Table entries are shown in the rough order you'll encounter as you play through.

Credits to /u/FAOAB on reddit for this spreadsheet that helped me sort out some of the more confusing names.

Known Issues:
Item locations are not guarenteed to be 100% accurate, don't spend too much time scouring every inch if they're not in the specified area.

Update: Adventure mode is now working as of 9/12/19 8pm Pst. If you are having issues, try refreshing your browser cache first as your browser may be still keeping the old files.

Also, you must now use the red crystal to travel to the location before the world can be analyzed.(technically, you can do it during the loading screen)

Location Event Type Event Name
Location Event Type Event Name